Flow Drilling: Customized Metals Processing

Following the customer’s request, Siera performs special processes such as steel flow drilling, which allows the creation of threaded holes on small thicknesses, without the use of additional material or the production of shavings.

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This process, which is also called thermal drill, thermoforming, flow drilling, or form drilling, allows us to create made-to-measure products that are effective and versatile for your business; indeed, stainless steel flow drilling avoids the application of threaded inserts, with considerable advantages on the clamping system.

Flow Drilling uses a special mandrel which is pressed against the material at high rotational speed, producing heat that soften the object making it plastic thus forming a bush ready to be threaded.

Innovation and production flexibility are key principles that have inspired our choice to provide this service of stainless steel tubes flow drilling to create made-to-measure solutions for all industries.

Flow drilling in Conegliano, Treviso and worldwide

Are you looking for a reliable and professional partner in stainless steel flow drilling? Siera is located in Conegliano Veneto and has worked for over twenty years with experience and professionalism in Italy and worldwide. The products and services offered have been synonymous with guarantee, creativity and professionalism for years.

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The Italian artisan quality.


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Made-to-measure stainless steel processing.


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